Researcher, Strategist & Information Architect

Concept work // // I create an updated web presence that ables them to provide their customers with the same personal shopping experience that they get in-store, online. The end result for this project is a medium fidelity wireframe.

Discovering the Essence of Customer Service

The research process consisted of visiting the actual store, speaking to employees, speaking to customers and observing the organization/categorization of the store. Contextually analyzing the store and site, I was able to find several observations:


1. Customers really value the in-store experience and the relationships built with the workers.


2. They trust their opinion and value the recommendations they give on toys.


3. People are usually shopping last minute and use the employee’s advice to purchase toys.


4. The store is organized by age and then by category. Customers are familiar with this and it is similar to other toy stores organizational process.


5. The stores are all very community driven and often partner with local private schools to donate toys.


6. The website is aesthetically unappealing and overwhelming to customers. The information is out of date and inadequate. Customers are often driven to the store eventually.

Research started at the store, with interviewing the customers and employees.

The Insights

Any relationship is built off of trust. When making a purchase for their child, a parent relies on adequate information from a reliable and trustworthy source. Since the employees at Toys Et Cetera are reliable, I decided that the site needed to be just as trustworthy and personable as going in-store.


After reading the existing copy on the site, I found out that they are a very education focused store. They really hone in on selling products that help with the development and education of the children playing with them.


Who to design for — The Audience.

We were given three personas to take into account and to design for. The common factors that these personas had in common were:

• Relationship with store & brands

• Informative, but not boring website information

• Easy navigation with a clean design layout

• Suggestions and help with finding products

•Mobile Friendly (this was more of a requirement for this day and age)


Building Relationships with Customers on and offline.

My design direction was to redesign the Toys Et Cetera website to convey trust by bringing a more personable shopping experience online, focusing on providing concise up-to-date product information, and pushing the store’s dedication to providing quality products that can help in the development and education of the community’s children.



1. Bring the personal assistance of gift finding to the website. No, not a live-chat as I tried to keep the store’s hypothetical budget under consideration.

2. Emphasize the importance of children’s education though creative copy & creating an entire page showcasing the events with local schools.

3. Give a modern approach to the face of the site with an easy to use navigation and friendly copy to read through.

4. Keep mobile in mind so that it could work across multiple platforms.



Initial Wireframe sketches