Strategist & Interaction Designer

Created during my time at TwoxFour, I was involved in the initial strategy, content outline, and wireframing for this website along with the project manager. I was also tasked with helping with the interaction portion of this design as they already had a look and feel chosen for their design.

Creative Rights belong with TwoXFour.

The Challenge

Smart Choice MRI was getting ready to open several new stores in the midwest. For this they hired TwoXFour to do ads, branding, and a new website for them. SCM gives MRIs for maximum of $600, which is 3x below the average hospital price. The issue that customers had when they went to the old Smart Choice site was that it looked like an untrustworthy clinic. The information was hard to find and it was poorly designed.



My Hand

I was given the copy for the website and worked with the project manager to construct the best layout possible for this site. As an interaction designer, I was thinking about interesting and simple ways to make the site design engaging without having development go over hours. The budget for this was small, so the project needed to be done quick and with little error.