Strategist & Interaction Designer

Created during my time at TwoxFour, I was involved in the initial strategy, content outline, and wireframing for this website. I was told do make the design however I wanted. There were no limits.

Creative Rights belong with TwoXFour.

The Challenge

Objectwave is a digital commerce consultancy company. They have found themselves losing competition to several other big companies offering the same services. They wanted to give their site a fresh, edgy look to compete with the others.



The Concept

Objectwave's website copy was bold. It really spoke for itself and didn't need a lot of heavy graphics and animations to distract the users for what they were there for: a service. In comparing the competition, I noticed that all the other sites had flashy photos and absurd amounts of animations.


So for Objectwave, I gave them a site that played off the "wave" theme. The wave is strong and beautiful - which is what kind of products this company wanted to create. I stuck to a very open design with minimal color usage to really let the copy speak for itself and hook the user.

You can see below that the wave is a common theme on each page. The brand colors are very much the dominant colors, but there are added hues for each page to break it up and be more visually attractive.

Here is a mix of the illustrations that I made for this site. They had to be sleek and simple. Nothing to childish or unprofessional, but still able to get the idea across. I had the developer animate this in subtly so that it created some motion and wasn't just a static illustration set.

Old and New Home Design Comparison

Old and New Services Design Comparison

Old and New Contact Design Comparison