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Here are some sexy projects I'm proud of.


Curiosity was very Curious


Role: Researcher & Information Architect


Appealing to a Community


Role: Information Architect & UI Designer


Music Production App Concept


Role: Researcher, Information Architect, UI Designer

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Coming from a background in advertising and interaction design, I took both of my favorite elements and moved into User Experience Design.

About Me

Ask. Answer. Repeat.

Ever since I was a toddler, I've been asking WHY?

I just like to get to the best solution as fast as possible.


User Interviews & Surveys

Understanding the user is hands down my favorite part of this process. I love talking and listening to stories.


Affinity Mapping & Ideation

This helps me get out all the ideas in my head, and trust me , there are a lot of them.


Sketching & Wireframing

Been doing this since college. It's my second favorite part of the process. Raw sketching is how I always start.


Competative & Business Analysis

Comparing the strengths and weaknesses of other competitors allows me to see where the gaps are.


Sitemap & Userflows

A solid structure and user scenario help me immerse myself in the user's mindset.


Prototyping & Mockups & User Tests

Getting the users involved with the products is key to good iterative design. Notice users are involved in all stages of my process. The user is key.


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