I like to talk, but I love to Listen.


Chicago, Chihuahuas & Chicken

Creatively, I'm always striving to work on projects that inspire passion in others. I like to solve problems for a purpose. This is why I made the switch from Advertising to UX. I loved the research and problem solving for clients to best figure out how to market their product or service. When I worked as an interaction designer, I was constantly intrigued on interesting ways to engage the user as they went through a site.


For both jobs, I quickly found what I liked and didn't like. With UX, I can tell it's for me because I like every part of it. Designing with a purpose and a passion is what drives me to get up and keep creating. A designer is what I am, but thinking and creating is what I do best.


I currently reside in the Great Chicago area. I moved here from the wonderful city of Austin, TX and traded heat for several feet of snow. I'm the proud owner of a sassy chihuahua named Neena. She has as big of a personality as I do, which is why we're so compatible. And if you don't already know, my guilty pleasure is Fried Chicken - it's honestly one of the greatest and most comforting foods in the world. I shouldn't like it as much as I do for how much of a health-nut and gym-rat I am.

If you ever want to meet me, chat over some chicken, or meet Neena,





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